RAY CHARLES - The Genius Sing The Blues (3LP) Blue Color 180 gr. Gatefold Vinyl!

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LP 1 Side A

Genius Sings The Blues

1. Early In The Mornin’
2. Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)
3. The Midnight Hour
4. The Right Time
5. Feelin’ Sad
6. Ray’s Blues

LP 1 Side B

7. I’m Movin’ On
8. I Believe To My Soul
9. Nobody Cares
10. Mr. Charles’ Blues
11. Some Day Baby
12. I Wonder Who

Bonus Tracks

13. Sittin’ On Top Of The World
14. What Have I Done?


LP 2 Side A

The Blues Featuring Ray Charles

1. She’s On The Ball
2. All Out Blues
3. Blues Before Sunrise
4. Happy Feet Blues
5. Alone In This City

LP 2 Side B

6. Someday
7. Lovin’ Time Blues
8. Can Anyone Ask For More
9. Blues For Lloyd
10. Big Feet Shuffle Blues

Bonus Tracks

11. How Long Blues
12. I Wonder
13. Drown In My Tears


LP 3 Side A

The Blues Featuring Ray Charles, Vol. 2

1. St. Pete Blues
2. Rockin’ Chair Blues
3. Way Uptown
4. Here Am I Alone Again
5. Swing Low, Sweet Sax

LP 3 Side B

6. Sentimental Blues
7. Number Please
8. I’ve Had My Fun
9. Twistin’ Tessie
10. Turnpike Alley

Bonus Tracks

11. See See Rider
12. Misery In My Heart
13. But On The Other hand baby


Artist: Ray Charles
Format: 3LP

The soul genius Ray Charles gets the blues in this three disc set featuring a trio of seminal 60s albums plus bonus tracks. Includes ‘The Genius Sings The Blues’, ‘The Blues Featuring Ray Charles’ and ‘The Blues Featuring Ray Charles, Vol. 2’.