JOHN LEE HOOKER- Boom, Boom (3LP) 180 gr. Grey Vinyl!

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LP 1 Side One

1. Boom Boom
2. Crawlin’ King Snake
3. Baby I’m Gonna Miss You
4. Hobo Blues
5. No Shoes
6. I’m In The Mood
7. Whiskey And Wimmen

LP 1 Side Two

1. Tupelo Blues
2. Drug Store Woman
3. Little Wheel
4. Baby Lee
5. Dusty Road
6. Maudie
7. Want Ad Blues


LP 2 Side One

1. Dimples
2. Hug And Squeeze You
3. I Love You Honey
4. Five Long Years
5. Time Is Marching
6. I Wanna Walk
7. A New Leaf

LP 2 Side Two

1. Leave My Wife Alone
2. I’m Goin’ Upstairs
3. No More Doggin’
4. Rock House Boogie
5. I’m So Excited
6. Hard Headed Woman
7. Baby You Ain’t No Good


LP 3 Side One

1. Boogie Chillun
2. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
3. I Love You Baby
4. I Like To See You Walk
5. Come See About Me
6. I’ll Know Tonight
7. Sugar Mama

LP 3 Side Two

1. I Need Some Money
2. Ground Hog Blues
3. Every Night
4. I Got A Letter
5. Let’s Make It
6. Lost A Good Girl
7. Don’t Go Baby


Format: 3LP
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It was all about that beat, a constant sound that immediately identified him. He refused to change it… didn’t need to. Through decades of recording John Lee Hooker stuck to the Delta blues sound and kept going. He is not only a blues icon but a music legend whose songs, covered by countless bands, will ensure his name lives on. Yet there is nothing quite as potent as hearing them sung by their creator.