DR. JOHN - The Best of (LP) 180 gr. Vinyl!

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Вклучено ДДВ
Side A
1. Zuzu Man
2. Quitters Never Win
3. In The Night
4. She’s Just A Square
5. Woman Is The Root Of All Evil
6. The Ear Is On Strike
7. Helping Hand
8. Danger Zone
9. One Naughty Flate
Side B
1. Bald Headed
2. Mama Roux
3. Tipitina
4. New Orleans
5. Qualified
6. Loser For You Baby
7. One Night Late
8. Did She Mention My Name
9. Storm Warning
Artist: DR. JOHN
Format: LP
Bar-code: 5060397601803
Cat No: CATLP180

We are privileged to explore on this essential LP a plethora of Dr. John’s earliest and most satisfying recordings. The unique mixture of styles on display is drawn from the music he grew up listening to in the clubs of the Deep South, where he first practised his (witch) craft. The combination would impress many other musicians, including the Rolling Stones and Jools Holland, himself no mean boogie pianist.